Where are Self-Driving Cars Today?

In 2019, there was so much discussion surrounding the topic of automated vehicles. Electric trucks, self-driving cars, and autonomous delivery trucks were all the rage within CRE conversations… So what’s happened since?

Let’s take a look at how things have changed over the last year regarding self-driving cars, paying special focus to how these developments are set to impact commercial real estate.

Where 2019 Left Off

In 2019, the self-driving car topic was blazing across the industry.

However, without a tangible product or service model to look at, many of the self-driving predictions were without a strong foundation. The idea was here, but the autonomous vehicle trend was still too far off to make any certain claims.

What CRE did know was that there would be a need for change. Commercial spaces would need to adapt in many ways before they were ready to host these kinds of cars.

First off, the commercial industry would need to bolster its tech capacities to keep these vehicles connected. Second, parking lots would need to be adjusted to house these driverless cars. Pick-up and drop-off areas were being loosely planned, too.

Despite this industry-wide understanding that change was coming, CRE still needed clarity.

Big Brands are Boasting Self-Driving Vehicles

After a long period of silence, it looks like there are many car brands that are ramping up their efforts to develop a self-driving vehicle. Talk of upcoming self-driving car releases is beginning to regain momentum. Right now, we’re closer to a self-driving revolution than ever before.

All across the country, car brands are launching self-driving car services, sales, and programs. Many of these projects are already in the works and are anticipated to be released in the coming year.

With more and more brands promoting these products, self-driving cars are bound to become increasingly prevalent within the commercial scene at large. Naturally, owners of self-driving vehicles will require the infrastructure at home, work, and even in shops and restaurants.

Commercial real estate of the future will likely be considering self-driving cars in their designs to ensure that proper measures are established for safety, ease, and accessibility.

Looking Ahead

As with any new technology, self-driving cars will be making key impacts on the way that people live, work, and operate. Commercial spaces will need to make sure that they are offering the proper infrastructures to support these new realities.

Beyond the basic necessities like specialized parking spaces, commercial real estate will need to make room for assets specifically designed for self-driving car services.

Self-driving ride services or automated delivery companies are robust business models that are expected to make ground on the commercial scene in 2021 and beyond. These developments will require office space for team members, warehouse spaces, expanded parking lots, and client meeting areas.

This dynamic property model will be heavily relying on the commercial arena as the self-driving vehicle goes from rare to regular.

Stay up to speed with the self-driving car trend to make sure your CRE assets are ready for the upcoming changes.

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